Frequently Asked Questions

In Gold We Trust
  • How do you determine the value to pay for my gold?
    After weighing your gold in your presence using our machines, we ascertain how pure your gold is and provide you with the result after the test has been carried out. Lastly, we add a price tag worth your gold.
  • What are the benefits of selling/Patronizing Mansa’s Gold Palace?
    We guarantee you a discreet and a more secure environment where the worth of your gold is being tested, provide you with ‘on-the-spot’ payment, offer you with a befitting price for your valuable and offer extra services of cleaning a piece of jewelry per transaction.
  • Do I have to sell my gold if the offer you are offering me is small?
    The final decisions up to you. If you do not like our offer, there are no bindings that you have to sell your gold to us.
  • What do I come along with when selling my Gold?
    A government issued valid means of identification or a proof stating that you’re the owner of the gold. These information are kept very confidential by us.
  • Once my Gold is sold can it be refunded back to me
    No, that will not be possible as we immediately send the purchased assets for further processing.
  • Do I need to make an appointment to bring in my valuables for evaluation?
    Nope! We are open to walk in visits and we appreciate booking appointments. We are open from Monday – Friday 9am- 5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm.
  • Are you Licensed to buy or Sell Gold?
    We are licensed to process golds and other minerals, that makes us a licensed gold Buying company.
  • Do you sell Gold
    Currently we’re only interested in BUYING, APPRAISING and WASHING your gold, as soon as we are open to selling gold, we would inform you.
  • What exactly are you interested in buying?
    We are interested in buying any gold chain, necklaces, anklets, pendants, earrings or rings within the range of 10-22 carat which you no longer have use for or are willing to give it up for cash
  • How to spot a fake Gold
    1. Acid Test:
    2. We take your gold and apply a small quantity of Trioxo Nitrate (v) acid (HNO3) (special gold testing acid). If the acid reacts with the gold by producing a Green or Milky coloration, that indicates that it isn’t pure gold or is a gold-over sterling silver product. However, no reaction observed is a proof that we’re dealing with real Gold.

    3. The Magnet Test:
    4. An original gold is Non-Magnetic. A gold product being attracted to a magnet after its being hovered by the magnet is a red flag that the gold product is fake.

    5. The Loupe Test:
    6. We take a magnifying lens measure labels on the gold jewelry to evaluate any like stampings that state the karat content within.

    7. Sound Test:
    8. Metals that vary in types generally produce different tones of sounds and when collided with other metals. Gold can easily be recognized by the sound when collided with a surface.

    9. Float Test:
    10. A cup/bowl of water is required for this test. Once gold is placed in the water, it automatically sinks to the bottom of any liquid. Whereas gold that aren’t pure hovers above the bottom of the container.

    11. Skin Test:
    12. Place gold in your hand for few minutes, if your palm discolors to a black or green color it means the gold isn’t pure because pure gold doesn’t react with the skin. Also, real gold will not rust or discolor when wet.